New Tools

I've finally spent a little time with some new tools, etc.

I've been messing around with some new software tools lately and figured i'd share.

GIMPshop - GIMP hack

This is a nice idea -- tweak The GIMP to be more like Photoshop. I gave it the old college try, and yes it's better (multiple documents vs. single, palettes and names match better, etc.) but it isn't close enough for me yet. At the end of the day it just come down to price, what's the overall cost of not using best of breed, and how many hoops do you want to jump through just to get through the day?

* try GIMPshop

Project Management

This one seems promising. I feel like we've got so much going on that it makes sense to use something to help me manage it all in terms of
project work. I was never great with MS Project, but this open source tool seems to give it a good run...

* try OpenWorkbench

TWiki Firefox extension

I'm using this one now. Mike D. just showed me this one and it seems to make the wiki blogging experience a little better/easier... I'm a
horrible typer these days (i used to type 45 words/min), so for me it helps. It's a TWiki toolbar and context menu for Firefox (i'm currently using Firefox and it works) and it's definitely worth a spin.

* try Twiki Firefox Extension Add-On

...and more

Blog and feed aggregation solution

Web 2.0 API Reference

Maya on Linux - but budget and time restricts me...
I'd love to play with SoftImage too... Blender is just a little too left-brain for me.

From Don S.:
"By a good margin, Adobe Photoshop is the one application that most people want ported to Linux"

16 Feb 2006

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