Netscape 8, and JBoss Portal 2.2 demo

Another look at Netscape...

I had to test something posted on the JBoss forums to see if in fact our theme architecture had gone awry on Netscape. of course, this is a new laptop, so i had to get Netscape and install it again. i remember back in the day doing a rollout of Netscape 2 for BBN as a contractor. i gotta say that it's really come a long way over the years...

They're getting bold with the main menus to the right -- threw me at first though. the "Display Like" menu on the left-side of the tray is cool and seems to render well for each (Firefoxf, or IE6.x) seems handy.

They've gone wild with the menus though -- there are two SECURITY CENTER menus, bookmarks, the Weather Bug, Webmail, tabbed browsing of course, the sidebar (with it's own tabs) -- oh, AND it also displays web pages!

JBoss Portal Demo

JBoss has set up a demo of the 2.2 Portal (thanks for the heads-up Martin) and it seems like things are really getting there. it's not live yet, check it if you get time JBoss Portal 2.2 demo

15 Mar 2006

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