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I've (finally) had a little spare time to do the mega-surfing that I used to do on a regular basis last night, and again early this
morning. This is a good thing.

I went on a Web2.0 binge in search of what's going on in the industry,
who's doing it right, and ways to spread the word and share it.

One critical aspect of mega-surfing is the need to let things sit, and
well, fester a bit. Maybe simmer would be a better word?

Sites Worthy of a Peek

SitePal + your web site = Very cool.
SitePal... allows you to create a wide-array of animated speaking characters, which can be added to your website for a variety of applications. You've got a friend at SitePal!

Helpful web tools are at Centricle.com. Delve into the interactive browser rules support matrix, word & character counter that would even impress Sesame Street's Count von Count, favelets galore, a bitchin' regular expression tool and a text wrapper that would get respect from even the most Gangsta developer in you -- just to name a few.

CSS Mania - A showcase offering more than 400 screenshots a month. Looking for CSS design inspiration?

LifeClever - Tips for design and life.

DESIGN SOJOURN - How to do good design and create clever products!

MyHeritage face recognition technology discovers which celebrities you look like...

Make: technology on your time. A wordless pancake recipe, and lots of other cool projects...

Jackson Pollock (jacksonpollock.org) by Miltos Manetas, original flash animation by Michal Migurski. Cool Flash stuff...
    * Here's an interesting little tidbit: a longtime family friend, neighbor, and amazing artist, Harold Lehman knew Pollock well. Check out Pictures In Motion, Harold's daughter Lisa's site if you need help getting your message across.

EasyPrototype - Make Your Designs Understood the First Time.
EasyPrototype is software that lets anyone create instant interactive prototypes from hand-drawn or electronic images without programming.

Tree Hugger or Tree Hater?

Check out these funky enclosures from Suissa Computers -- scary, huh? The price is even more "splintering"...