Boxes and Arrows gets even better

It's new and improved! Are you a web designer? Then read give B&A a visit...
I guess it's been a little while since I've hit B&A, so I was psyched to see they've launched a new redesign. The new Boxes and Arrows UI is fresh, "clean", and compelling. I'm diggin' the orange and gray color scheme! Great job folks... =>I don't love the lack of link color or missing underlines for article titles in the "Previously" section on the Home Page, but that's not a big deal and really a minor detail. Give 'em a visit and see for yourself at I think they've always had really juicy topical, timely and poignant content as well. This new UI design reflects their level of quality content, depth of knowledge, and an earned leadership role in the industry. Top notch.

My only problem is that I just don't seem to have enough time to absorb and soak all the delicious goodness they've brought to the table, but here's one (or several) article that caught my eye...

Where's the "fold" you keep talkin' about?
Personally, I have felt for a long time that there is no fold in web design, period. Show me how to fold this CRT, or my panel and then I'll change my mind. origamiHere's my point: Don't let misguided ideas about "folds" determine all of your design decisions. Compelling content eliminates scrolling problems. Don't force 'em, just persuade them! Let's leave the folding stuff to those who practice origami.

* Post abstract: is here
    * Full article: Blasting the Myth of the Fold