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The Power of the Written Word...
I just read an interesting article (Introducing sIFR: The Healthy Alternative to Browser Text)
on an alternative to circumvent the limitations of browser text
rendering (aka: The jaggies, choppy, "typographically challenged"). The
article give a nice history, examples, and downloads (released into
public domain). The site Mike Industries is also an excellent example of realy good web design...

More sIFR 2.0b (Update to original article)

"Mike Davidson has just released sIFR 2.0b, the beta version of Scalable Inman Flash Replacement..."

Linux for the Web Designer
Article/post on textbased.com

"...advice and software suggestions for those interested in setting up a Linux system..."

Kind of Blue
An article from the Man In Blue (www.themaninblue.com)

Resolution (in)dependent layout

"...if I cranked it up I might actually be able to design a full web
page in Photoshop without having to squeeze between palettes and grope
at scrollbars. Boy, was it luxurious – way more content on screen,
smoother edges, and plenty more squinting."

Excellent site design example

- 23 Sep 2004