My Favorite Color Is The Blues.

My Favorite Color Is The Blues.Wow! Pandora does it again! They've rolled-out another stellar series of amazing musical moments with their Free Pandora Video Series.

Seems like they've got a rainbow of great stuff up their sleeves, and they've decided to start in the key of "C" for Chicago, and in my favorite color, the blues. Take a sneak-peek below at one of the first in the series from Buddy Guy's Legends.

A Box Becomes a Home.

Click to see more of my Flickr stuff...Finally catching-up and getting control over my "in-box onslaught" this morning. I love trees, and while reading this week's mailer from Team TreeHugger, I came across this really neat article post.

It's a cool renovation of a very small 40's "boxhouse" home. The materials used, overall design (John Pyatt, Pyatt Studio), and prefab implementation are extremely exciting and compelling. What a cool project... Seems like Colorado has got it's groove on lately.

Simplicity, complexity, John Maeda & design.

Take a look and listen to this TED Talk by John Maeda. In it, he discusses daily life, technology, and design -- all mixed together with topical points of complexity and simplicity from the perspective of design and how it relates to daily life. His talk is engaging, and the examples are funny and well-worth the watch.

His new book Laws of Simplicity presents ten rules and three keys to working and living simply -- in the talk he brings it down to just one simple way to be...

Elegant Simplicity.

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