Cool Tool: SiteMeter - Free statistics tracker

Site Meter is a really awesome free counter and statistics tracker you can use on your website or blog to monitor your traffic and get more details about your visitors.

It's a free "who, what, why, when and (from) where" tool to help you monitor who's visiting your stuff, where they came from, and what they like best. This info can give you some good insight into what kind of posts your visitors value the most based on time spent on a page or the information they're looking for, and how many pages they view in a visit. It can also give you some great technical information on the most popular Operating System, Browser, Screen Resolution and much more to help you make sure your interface design works for the folks that typically visit your website or blog.
Site Meter's comprehensive real time website tracking and counter tools give you instant access to vital information and data about your sites audience. With our detailed reporting you'll have a clear picture of who is visiting your site, how they found you, where they came from, what interests them and much more.

They've got two types of account packages. The Basic plan (free) gives you lots of data and statistics about your visitors, and it takes just seconds to sign-up and then get things working -- and you can't beat that price! The Premium plan (which starts at $6.95) offers additional stats, reporting, historical data, ad-free stats pages, and the ability to export your data.

I've been using it for just over a year, and it's great. Why not sign up with Site Meter now and give it a try?

Here are some example stats...

latent|design -
Feb 25 2009 21: 38: 55PM GMT: -5:00

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Operating System
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