Sites Worthy of a Peek

SitePal + your web site = Very cool.
SitePal... allows you to create a wide-array of animated speaking characters, which can be added to your website for a variety of applications. You've got a friend at SitePal!

Helpful web tools are at Delve into the interactive browser rules support matrix, word & character counter that would even impress Sesame Street's Count von Count, favelets galore, a bitchin' regular expression tool and a text wrapper that would get respect from even the most Gangsta developer in you -- just to name a few.

CSS Mania - A showcase offering more than 400 screenshots a month. Looking for CSS design inspiration?

LifeClever - Tips for design and life.

DESIGN SOJOURN - How to do good design and create clever products!

MyHeritage face recognition technology discovers which celebrities you look like...

Make: technology on your time. A wordless pancake recipe, and lots of other cool projects...

Jackson Pollock ( by Miltos Manetas, original flash animation by Michal Migurski. Cool Flash stuff...
    * Here's an interesting little tidbit: a longtime family friend, neighbor, and amazing artist, Harold Lehman knew Pollock well. Check out Pictures In Motion, Harold's daughter Lisa's site if you need help getting your message across.

EasyPrototype - Make Your Designs Understood the First Time.
EasyPrototype is software that lets anyone create instant interactive prototypes from hand-drawn or electronic images without programming.


  1. If you want to use this type of technology , we just launched NOAH, the next generation of web-based talking animated character technology. NOAH will allow the web site or E-Learning application to present a much higher engagement and interactivity opportunity to the user as compared to the other web based solutions. Our system also does not need constant connectivity to the internet so it is very useful in CD based and E-Learning projects. You can see NOAH in action at