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I stumbled across Ponoko, a very cool DIY/MIY/SIY (Design It Yourself, Make It Yourself, Sell It Yourself) site from New Zealand tonight during a very bashing mega-surf. Wow, it's an incredibly cool idea, that became a site, and got others involved in making stuff... and making some money -- and everyone gets happy. This is good all-around. Yup, it's becoming a trend out there, and these folks are really helping to make it happen.

You can create a Ponoko account for free, upload your design in EPS format, have it laser-cut in several different types of materials (e.g. MDF, Acrylic, Styrene, Plywood, etc.), and then sell what you've made. Very cool -- extreme cool in action!

I'm beginning to get inspired to actually "do some design" again, or at least think about doing some and that's good. Something tactile, useful... My brain is beginning to thaw just in time for the harsh bitter cold of a New England Winter! Odd how that works, huh?

When I get around to designing and making something, it'll wind-up here in my Ponoko Showroom.

Have a look-see for yourself if you like to MAKE Stuff at Ponoko.com

Make, sell... smile. It's contagious. ;-)

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