Happy Thanksgiving :-)

Have a nice holiday, but remember all of the things to be thankful for. Take a moment to think of those less fortunate, and those who's days may not be as easy or rewarding as yours.

Think of folks you haven't seen in a while, and those who don't have the luxury of spending time with their family, or loved ones. Think about the friends and family members we have lost, and say a little prayer (if you pray).

Do something nice today -- it can be addictive and habit forming, and it feels good! Hold the door for someone, say some kind words, let that obnoxious driver go in front of you, or help someone carry their bags. Smile and be polite. Show some kindness.

Don't forget about the troops and other folks serving our democracy -- or those who dedicate their lives to our freedom, liberty and safety.

Thank you.

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