A Picture Tells (more than) a Thousand Words

Earlier today I thought I had seen a digg or an article about a "birthday" for Tim Berners-Lee's invention/creation of the world-wide web as we know it today. I surf a good bunch everyday (and the days seem to meld together lately), and it's been a long day — so I can't remember the gist of it, or where I saw it.

Self PortraitThat said, I was looking through the web tonight to see if I could find this birthday thing and stumbled on "textorizer - vectorise a picture using text strings" which takes text strings and maps them to an image, and then creates an SVG output. The tool is by Dan Brickley who, among other things, contributes to the FOAF Project.

This is very cool I must say, and I love text photos (and really wish I had more RAM to mess with it a bit more) because they tell more than a thousand words.

My machine is at a virtual crawl at the moment, so I'll just try and post a Self Portrait [PNG version of the SVG saved from inkscape] of what I was able to save for your perusal.

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