Facebook Rolls-Out New Privacy Controls

Today, Facebook is launching their new tools to give you more control over the information you share on their service. If you're on Fb, you'll be asked to review and update your settings as you log in. The process is pretty straightforward and easy to do. All you will need to do is make any adjustments to who sees what and then save the new settings, or just keep your old privacy setting as is.

"Facebook's new, simplified privacy settings give you more control over the information you share. We've recommended settings below, but you can choose to apply your old settings to any of the fields."

Control Your Experience

Here are the main points for the new privacy features:

  • Helping You Choose Settings

  • Simpler Settings

  • Adding Control for Each Post

  • And more...

Here's the Facebook blog post with more information:
» New Tools to Control Your Experience

Read their blog post to get the low-down on all the new changes. It seems like they've really put a lot of work into these new features, and more importantly — this time it seems like they've listened to their users.

A few screenshots of what you'll see

Notification pop-in...

Update Privacy Settings Screen...

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