Size Matters: Methodologie Web Canvas

Methodologie is kind enough to share their 'Web Canvas' with all of us in the design community. Their Web Canvas is a grid that displays screen resolutions and the percentage of users that are capable of viewing the different screen resolutions. Their statistics are fresh (August, 2009) and based on numbers from and

I've added this little gem to my delicious bookmarks... I think it'll be a helpful little tool when starting new projects or when I'm wrestling over what screen resolution to design for. All of this info and our own design experience seem to support the notion that in many cases size matters ;-)

Here's the link to the Methodologie Web Canvas...

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  1. Thanks, they do really great stuff and this caught my eye so I thought I'd share it.

    I also created the post using the Posterous bookmarklet (

    Nice site you've got... I digg the flash and the balloons :-)