Cool Tool: flickrSlider - Embed flickr Slideshows In Just Few Seconds...

Do you have a flickr account yet? Want to easily share your flickr photos with the world from your website or blog? Well, now you can in just a few seconds using the flickrSlidr slideshow tool!

This free service couldn't be easier to use... all you need to do is enter a URL address for a user, photo set, or group -- and then add some tags, and set the slideshow dimensions and a few properties (height, width, preview and favorite's) and the slideshow will be created for you. You can even set create your flickr slideshow in "Standards Compliance Mode" which will make it more accessible. All you need to do next is copy-n-paste the code it generates into your website or blog post and enjoy... Cool, huh?

The tool is free and super-easy to use, so why not check it out?

Here's a flickrSlidr slideshow I just created of some of the desktop wallpaper I've made...

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Quick Tech Tip:If the flickrSlidr you just created doesn't fit well in your blog or you want to change the size of your flickrSlidr, all you need to do is edit the height and width attributes of the object (in pixels of course). It seems like the best aspect ratio is 1:1 so I set mine here to 410x410 pixels so it would fit nicely and not get cut off at the right edge.

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