MMA Fight Science on NatGeo, don't miss it!

The technology and science behind the sport of Mixed Martial Arts is amazing and National Geographic has done an amazing job -- it's a "must see"... don't miss it. They discuss in detail all of the different types of martial arts and how it's all incorporated into MMA -- you'll dig the technology and science of it for sure.

+ More info and schedule on NatGeo »

+ More MMA can be found at MMA Mania »

+ And of course the UFC has a lot more on the sport

Here's a taste (trailer)...


  1. National Geo is on to something here. and this teaser video has got me wanting to check my local listings! If I was in that octagon with one of those guys you would see my super human ability to jump over large fences!

  2. They're really on to something for sure. It's really cool to see "the science behind the art" and their use of technology to describe and illustrate the science is amazing. I think strategy can be as important as capability — but technique and heart play a huge role. I think the fence is just six feet, so it wouldn't be too difficult to jump if that was the strategy. My strategy is to stand and deliver for as long as possible without incurring too much irreversible physical damage, then hop the fence and spend some "quality time" with the ring ladies! :-)