Ten Years After.

NH Visitor GuidesAfter a recent camping trip, I was gathering some of the stuff that had accumulated in the truck, and adding it to a similar pile of stuff in the basement. I realized that I had two visitor guides from the same place--the White Mountains in New Hampshire--but they were from 1997, and 2007! It just struck me as kinda cool... I know we've been heading north for a while, but it was neat to have the same map from ten years ago. We'd been there before, and without intention, happened to go again exactly ten years after.

The designs are very similar and consistent, and not a lot has changed on the new one--take a look and see how many things you notice that are the same and how many improvements have been made.

NH Visitor GuidesIt's really nice to take the family up north--especially in the fall to do some "leaf peepin'", or Apple picking. This area is really "family oriented" with so many things to do it would be hard to get bored. The prices are more reasonable than other New England states as well, not to mention the lack of sales tax (and lack of income tax) which gives you at least 5% more purchase power.

If you get a chance to visit New England, I strongly suggest a visit to the White Mountains! New Hampshire has so much to offer. It's definitely one of my favorite states for so many reasons. I like the color red, it's bold and upbeat. I really believe in freedom, liberty, and leadership by example. Add to all of this the most widely known and best state motto in the Union, "Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils." And then there's the New Hampshire state slogan which sums it all up, "You're Going to Love it Here."

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