One person at a time.

101_6471 I went to the Somerville Theatre this evening to join in on the Pandora Get-Together and it was a blast. Well over a hundred people were there for an engaging Q&A with Tim Westergren. Seemed like a wide range of folks in the bunch. Everyone had at least one thing in common. We all love music.

Music lovers, aficionados, connoisseurs, and musicians showed-up to discuss Pandora, technology, music in general, and the music industry. What a great night!

101_6470 Music changes the world, one person at a time. I'm listening to Anthony Hamilton Sailin' Away as I write this. Check my Pandora profile to see and hear what I'm listening to when you read this.

Got a tune stuck in your head? What's your favorite band or musician? Who you listening to?

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