Efficiency in Everything.

Since extra time is so hard to find these days, I've been thinnking that I need to address everything I do from a slightly different angle to get more done faster, and maybe enjoy it more while getting it all done -- all in the hope to have just a bit more extra time to do the things I want to do.

These days, I think things like projects through as thoroughly as I can while doing daily tasks and chores, figure out the most efficient way to get stuff done and then when I get to the project, I just execute the plan. Sounds kinda simple and obvious and even seems stupid, but I think it's working.

It's kinda like catchin' a wave, riding it up and onto the crest for a little bit and then cutting back down into it to ride it out. Nature is efficient in everything because that produces the best results, and more opportunities for success -- survival + efficiency creates accomplishment.

There's another set of waves coming right at me and I'm gonna catch one of them... gotta go!

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