Hello, hello, hello... Is This Thing On?

Now that I'm trying to put some real effort into my weblog and make it visit-worthy, I'm getting publish errors... What a bummer this is since I have a topic in mind that I'd like to write about and a few that come to mind that somewhat related to the error. Let's see if this thing's on, and I'll keep trying!

Okay, seems like this is related to an upgrade. Here's the error...
001 java.net.ConnectException: Connection refusedblog/53/15/13/latentdesign/archives/2006_10_01_latentdesign_archive.html

Ah well, hmmn there's an "upgrade" note mentioned -- no, that was for last year, and it seems the upgrade went smoothly. Nothing specific in the online help (which by the way is usually really good). Perhaps I've broken some kind of rule or violated an agreement -- I'll look into that as I get more time. Okay, well I'll keep trying in the hope of getting things running again.

Thanks for giving me some of your time. :-)

UPDATE: Seems there's always a work-around! Here's what I did... Logged-out and then back in to my account, and then upgraded to the new version of Blogger at beta.blogger.com and I have to say I'm liking it a lot so far for sure. Oh, and did I mention that it's lightening fast?

This is an example of the creamy-goodness surrounding the way that Google quietly and pleasantly adds value and new features without disruption to their customers. This is a standard others should follow. You go Google/Blogger! And thank you for your excellent service and products. This is how you maintain customer loyalty...

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